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Frequently Asked Questions for People in Marketing

Suppose a business is willing to give the best products or service possible, having the best employees and workers giving their all but still not having any customers lining up for them. In that case, they have something lacking in their setup. When any company comes into the grid for doing business, people need to know about them as well as possible and as frequently.

Marketing is the process by which a company generates and keeps the flow of customers running. It is the essential promotional method needed for a company to generate the profit necessary and keep the brand memorable in people’s minds. And when the game is promoted, then creativeness, platforms, and questions arise in the minds.

What is the difference between Content and Digital Marketing?

Content marketing works with information-rich articles, videos, graphics, or other content to generate sales and brand development. Through this, any product or service of the company is highlighted in the most brief yet easiest way possible for the customers to understand. This strategy does not promote products or services but focuses on customer needs.

Yet using any digital platform to promote one’s business can be considered digital marketing. The digital aspect can be vast, and professionals tend to tailor their promotional method and content based on what platform or type of promotion the company desires. 

While content marketing can fall under the digital category, digital marketing can not be considered under the content marketing strategy.

How can we make it go viral?

Making any content go viral has no specific path; it can happen in any way possible. But some things should be considered to gain virality, like- 1) Presenting a unique story, idea, or dataset. 2) Trying to create an emotional response from the customers or target audience, and 3) Keeping the format as engaging for the people as possible. While all of these points can help one gain customers, the content(s) made should be promoted as frequently and as much as possible. But becoming viral depends on the content and customer base more than anything.

What is the best channel for generating quality leads?

This is probably the most asked question considering promotion because, without leads, there won’t be any customers. The internet being so vast doesn’t help in this aspect also. Experts seem to consider Google the best platform for this being the world’s largest search engine. SEO optimization and Marketing from this very commonly used site can help identify and generalize the idea of where and how to promote the products or services.

Segmenting content based on the social media platform we are promoting can also help get better and new customer bases.

How can I transform more leads into customers?

Generating leads is all important, but turning them into customers is the critical point of business. Finding the proper channels to turn leads to customers is a start, but that should not be the end. Leveraging their feedback like level of satisfaction, improvement places, etc., can showcase how dedicated and honest a company can be.

Keeping track of where my customers are coming from and what they want more or less from us can help us better understand our level of expertise and gaps to improve upon.

What are SMART goals when implementing a marketing strategy?

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely, ie. SMART. This way, it is easy to understand and narrow down the strategy, and running with vague ideas gets pushed out the door. In addition, this method helps in understanding if any campaigns or events were successful and, if not, where and how to improve. Finally, this way, executives get a better planning experience and are an easier way to win over decision-makers and understand the customer base.

In conclusion, marketing is a vast and significant field in the field of business. It is how customers are attained, hooked, and sales are initially generated. Without proper promotional methods, a company can not hold the lifeblood it needs to keep running: profit.

Any business can run smoothly by having good ideas to implement that can touch the customers’ hearts. Probably the only creative sector in the spectrum of companies, professional marketers need to be spontaneous and sharp with answers to clients’ questions.

With no specific success rate in any marketing method, it is safe to say that the unpredictability makes it exciting to try out the new. It constantly evolves, and we as professionals need to grow alongside it.

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